27 Jan 2022

Kickoff of AquaCell

The project AquaCell has just started!


AquaCell aims to develop intestinal cell lines for European seabass and Atlantic salmon, which are two species of high economic value in Europe. These cell lines will allow us to test new products and determine their potential to be included in feeds, reducing the number of fish used in animal experimentation. AquaCell intends to provide an innovative experimentation tool to the scientific community that will contribute to the sustainability of the aquaculture sector.


Following the overarching narrative of the EEA Grants, Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe”, the goals for this bilateral initiative are 1) to create synergies between the aquaculture research line of CIIMAR (Portugal) and Nord University (Norway) through exchange of technical skills and scientific know-how in the scope of the intestinal cell lines development; 2) to disseminate the acquired knowledge in scientific meetings; and 3) to promote future partnerships for joint research projects. To know more about this project please visit the link.