18 Nov 2022

GRINNAQUA Kick-off meeting

GRINNAQUA Kick-off meeting


On 16th November, CIIMAR headquarters received the Kick-off meeting of the GRINNAQUA project, led by CIIMAR researchers Sergio Fernández Boo and Benjamín Costas.

Funded by the EU Horizon Widera programme, GRINNAQUA is conceived in compliance with the Farm to Fork Strategy, which is at the heart of the European Green Deal. The project aims to raise CIIMAR staff research profile and increase its innovation capacity, positioning the institution among the main actors in the area of aquaculture.

This Twinning action will also host a research project with focus on the high economic impact of viral and parasitic outbreaks in aquaculture, studying the prophylactic effects of functional diets in rainbow trout against haemorrhagic septicaemia virus, and also in Atlantic salmon infected by sea lice parasite.

Some of the most recognized leaders in R&D within European aquaculture gathered in Matosinhos to discuss the upcoming work with the CIIMAR team. Researchers from the Center for Animal Health Research CISA-INIA-CSIC (Spain) will share their expertise on the study of fish acquired immune system and vaccination strategies; Roslin Institute (Univ. Edinburg, UK) their know-how in genetics and animal breeding, while Univ. Bergen (Norway) will focus on animal welfare and prophylactic strategies.

CIIMAR will improve its capacity and also will develop a SWOT analysis of Portuguese aquaculture with the aim to find healthier and more sustainable production and also with the help of all partners acquire new capacities to a be a centre of reference for European aquaculture research.

Among the actions, training workshops and Summer schools led by the partners are planned, as well as several visits of CIIMAR staff to partners facilities, targeting senior research, technical and administrative training, allowing the exchange of knowledge and good practices.

GRINNAQUA will be instrumental to improve CIIMAR innovation capacity to become a leading institute in the area. A long-lasting collaboration is foreseen, contributing to strengthen a more sustainable aquaculture in Europe.


Funded by the European Union

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