07 Feb 2023

CIIMAR researcher in Antarctica

CIIMAR researcher Irina Gorodetskaya has just started her new mission to the Antarctica!

The project lead by Irina and called APMAR2 - Antarctic Peninsula precipitation and surface Mass and energy balance: what is the role of Atmospheric Rivers? -  is funded by PROPOLAR - Portuguese Polar Program with the support of KOPRI – Korea Polar Research Institute and INACH – Chilean Antarctic Institute.

Irina Gorodetskaya was joined by Claudio Durán-Alarcón (researcher at CESAM/University of Aveiro), and Sang-Jong Park (researcher at KOPRI) and headed to the Korean King Sejong station on King George Island, northern Antarctic Peninsula. 

The main goal is to measure and better understand what is happening during atmospheric rivers or “rivers in the sky”, which are long corridors of moisture and heat arriving from sub-tropics to Antarctica. They bring extreme warm weather  to the Antarctic Peninsula and can weaken its ice shelves.

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