16 Feb 2023

CIIMAR partner of the Agenda Mobilizadora InsectERA

The Agenda Mobilizadora InsectERA, co-financed under the scope of PRR - Plano de Recuperação e Resilience Plan, was launched on February 14, 2023, at the National Centre for Exhibitions and markets, in Santarém.

Through the Laboratory of Nutrition, growth and quality of fish, led by Professor Luísa Valente, CIIMAR is part of the the consortium that estimates to create more than 140 new jobs, four new bioindustrial units, two R&D centres and a logistics centre by 2025.

Under the name InsectERA Mobilising Agenda - the ERA of insects, the consortium aims to develop the industrialisation, commercialisation and export of innovative insect-based products, with nutritional solutions for people, animals and plants, opportunities for cosmetics and bioplastics industries, as well as for the bioremediation sector, through the creation of organic waste recovery solutions.

The InsectERA Agenda aims to invest to address an exponentially growing market and explore
innovative technological solutions in the use of insects as raw materials.