28 Feb 2023

Researcher Alexandre Campos in Morocco

CIIMAR researcher and colleagues from Université Cady Ayyad met members from the local community from Lalla Takerkoust, Morocco, in the framework of the European research Project TOXICROP.

TOXICROP is an  International Consortium, constituted by members from CIIMAR – Portugal, AU – Denmark, USE – Spain, UCA – Morocco, SOU – Egypt, GIAS-UTP – Colombia, UNSA – Peru, LIMNOS – Slovenia, CIFGA – Spain and NOSTOC – Portugal, who will join efforts to investigate agricultural risk areas of cyanotoxin occurrence in consortium member countries, and to access the fate of cyanotoxins in crops and crop contamination with cyanotoxins. Moreover the Consortium will investigate environment-friendly, low-cost techniques of water treatment for removal of toxic cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins.