01 Mar 2023

Project funded through Portugal-France agreement

The project, led by CIIMAR researcher Raquel Ruivo, results from a collaboration between two teams from CIIMAR (EDEC and AGE) and INRAE Lyon, France, and aims to support the development of new tools to increase the representativeness of invertebrates in risk assessment, using two amphipod species (Gammarus locusta and Gammarus fossarum) as a model.

The project is managed in Portugal by the Foundation for Science and Technology and in France by CAMPUSFRANCE. It will develop a multilevel approach to bridge the knowledge gaps regarding Nuclear Receptor -mediated endocrine processes in invertebrates, notably in the arthropod amphipods, and their potential disruption by Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, and support the development of novel tools to overcome the common vertebrate-bias in risk assessment.