08 Mar 2023

CIIMAR Blue Women Talent Award 2023 to Ana Paula Mucha

On CIIMAR 23rd birthday celebrations last Friday, Ana Paula Mucha was distinguished for her talent and inspiration towards the community by winning the first edition of CIIMAR "Blue Women Talent Award".

CIIMAR members were invited to take part in a vote, which ended up with more than 100 participations and a total of 79 women nominated.

The vote was very close but Ana Paula Mucha was rewarded - congratulations!


Ana Paula's profile

Ana Paula Mucha has a degree in Aquatic Sciences (1993), Master in Ecology, Management and Modelling of Aquatic Resources (1997) and PhD in Aquatic Sciences (2002). She is a researcher at CIIMAR where she is also a member of the board and Principal Investigator of the ECOBIOTEC Team (Bioremediation and Ecosystem Functioning). In addition to her research role, she is also an Invited Assistant Professor at the Department of Biology of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto.

Her research work focuses on the relationship between microorganisms and contaminants, aiming at the development of bioremediation technologies for ecosystem restoration and environmental sustainability. She also explores the associations of microorganisms for the development of nature-based solutions for water management, and microorganism-animal interactions to increase environmental sustainability of aquaculture production.