12 Apr 2023

Best Poster prizes for two students of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Master

Ana Filipa Gomes and Lia Costa, students of the Masters in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Porto (FFUP), were distinguished with the first and third prizes, respectively, in the poster competition of the IX National Meeting of Chemistry Students (ENEQUI '23), which took place between March 31 and April 3, 2023 at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto.

Ana Filipa Gomes is also a participant in CIIMAR BYT+ programme and the work she presented in the poster entitled “Siderophores as innovative metal complexation weapons for environmental research” describes the synthesis and characterization of bacterial siderophores as weapons for iron sequestration in environmental investigation.

These molecules are presented as a potential solution for environmental remediation of heavy metals, phytoremediation and for combating pathogens that cause disease in fish. The work was developed under the guidance of Doctor Diana Resende and co-supervision of Prof. Emília Sousa at the Laboratory of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry (LQOF) within the scope of the project, “Siderophore efflux pump inhibitors (SEPIs) conjugates: A new concept for environmental problems” (EXPL/CTA-AMB/0810/2021), funded by the Fundação for Science and Technology and led by CIIMAR researcher Dr. Diana Resende.

The work presented by Lia Costa entitled “Synthesis and structure elucidation of a series of dimers as building blocks for new marine-derived cyclodepsipeptides” describes the various reaction steps for the synthesis and characterization of a series of dimers consisting of a hydroxylated fatty acid chain attached to an amino acid. These building blocks will be coupled to different peptides and subsequent cyclization to obtain new cyclic marine peptide analogues for antimicrobial activity evaluation and structure-activity relationship studies. The work was carried out LQOF/FFUP under the guidance of Prof. Carla Fernandes (FFUP/CIIMAR).