20 Apr 2023

Vitor Vasconcelos appointed to create the International Centre for Blue Biotechnology

Professor and researcher Vítor Vasconcelos, full professor at the Faculty of Sciences (FCUP) and President of the Board at CIIMAR, is one of the 15 experts appointed by the Minister of Economy and Sea, António Costa Silva, to the Blue Biotechnology technical committee. 

This working group aims to propose a set of competitive measures for the blue biotechnology sector and a model for the International Centre for Blue Biotechnology by 30 September 2023. The technical committee will work on reports and recommendations, which will culminate in the presentation of a proposal that gives Portugal competitive advantages for the creation of an International Centre for Blue Biotechnology. The nomination of Vítor Vasconcelos came under the proposal of Fundação Oceano Azul, through the Order no. 2947/2023, of March 14th.
The International Centre for Blue Biotechnology, which will be installed in Matosinhos, is one of the priorities of the XXIII Constitutional Government program, taking into account the bet in the "sea potential" and in the "promotion of reindustrialization of traditional sectors through blue biotechnology, with special focus on entrepreneurial projects that allow the development of innovative products from the sea".

This week, Vitor Vasconcelos was also appointed as a member of the Scientific council for natural sciences and the environment of the Foundation for Science and Technology.