26 Apr 2023

World Intellectual Property Day 26 April

Today, 26 April, marks the World Intellectual Property Day #WorldIPDay. Aligned with this year's theme "Women and Intellectual Property: Accelerating innovation and creativity", CIIMAR highlights the leading role of female scientists and inventors in the evolution of scientific and technological knowledge as a pillar of socio-economic development.

With 80% of patent applications led by women, CIIMAR's Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio is a clear evidence of the importance of women's contribution to the success of the processes of protection and valorisation of research results.

Their inventions focus on a diversity of new bioactive compounds isolated from marine microorganisms, for the treatment of malaria, protection against UV radiation, antibacterial agents, anti-inflammatory, anti-obesogenic and with anti-fouling properties. They also include innovative devices for environmental sampling and monitoring and new methods for extraction of bioactive compounds.  In the area of aquaculture, the patents developed aim to protect processes and technologies for greater sustainability and competitiveness of production systems, new ingredients and probiotics.

To celebrate World Intellectual Property Day #WorldIPDay, we also announce a new course on "Intellectual Property: Protection and Enhancement" to take place in October 2023 at CIIMAR, under the @BlueBio4Future and @Grinnaqua project. Stay tuned for more details!