03 May 2023


There are 14 researchers and 15 nominations from CIIMAR-UP highlighted in the ranking in 2023. 


This ranking presents annually an impressive list of the best scientists ranked by their D-index and number of citations. 

The CIIMAR scientists awarded by this ranking in 2023 are distributed among areas ranging from the animal sciences to biology and the environmental sciences. The list of researchers includes Carlos Azevedo and Jorge Eiras in Veterinary and Animal Sciences; Lúcia Guilhermino, Vítor Vasconcelos, Aires Oliva-Teles, Maria Leonor Nunes, Agostinho Antunes and Luísa Valente in Biology and Biochemistry; Madalena Pinto in Chemistry; Adriano Bordalo in Earth Sciences; and Carlos Vale, Miguel Caetano, Sara Antunes, Marisa Almeida and, again, Lúcia Guilhermino in Environmental Sciences.

The Ranking

The ranking is highly recognized among the scientific community due to the analysis criteria used and compiled from various sources of bibliometric data. The profile of each scientist also takes into account the number of publications and a list of their awards and achievements. 

The ranking systematizes data from scientists at more than 3,000 universities and research institutions, and its main goal is to improve knowledge sharing and contact with and between leading experts in different fields. The annual publication of the ranking of the best scientists is recognized and regularly referenced by the world's leading universities.