14 Jul 2023

Emertox Project mission in Cape Verde

The members of CIIMAR Science and Innovation OfficeSusana Moreira and Joana Moreira Silva were on mission for the Emertox Project, in São Vincente, Cape Verde, where they organized capacity building sessions for researchers, teachers and technicians related to Science and Innovation Management, in collaboration with the University of Cape Verde - UniCV and the Technical University of the Atlantic - UTA

The activities included:


- Training in Science and Innovation Management at FaED, UNI-CV, where several topics were presented related to "Funding opportunities for Research and Innovation, with a focus on Horizon Europe program, Ocean Mission and international cooperation, as well as avenues for valorization of knowledge and technology, including the creation of technology-based companies and intellectual property".


- Scientific Collaboration Workshop at ISECMAR - UTA with the presence of researchers from CIIMAR, UNI-CV, ISECMAR-UTA and Instituto do Mar.


- Inauguration of an Exhibition by Emertox Project at Museu do Mar.


This mission also allowed the promotion of the Emertox project exhibition, opportunities for scientific collaboration between CIIMAR and Cape Verde institutions linked to Marine Sciences, NGOs and other initiatives related to sustainability.

The organization of this mission had the collaboration of the professors Evandro Lopes, from UTA and Dorisa Evora from Uni-CV.