01 Sep 2023

Collaboration between CIIMAR and the Regional Directorate for the Sea, Madeira

A protocol was signed this morning between CIIMAR and the Regional Directorate for the Sea (DRM) from Madeira.

Representing CIIMAR was the researcher and member of the CIIMAR board of directors, Professor Luísa Valente, who was accompanied at the signing ceremony by the Regional Director for the Sea, Dr. Mafalda Freitas and by Dr. Teófilo Cunha, Regional Secretary for the Sea and Fisheries. The session was also attended by the Director of the Calheta Mariculture Center, Dr. Ricardo Sousa.


The protocol aims to foster cooperation between the two institutions, promoting scientific research, innovation, training, science dissemination, technologies and cultures of the sea, as well as the exchange of technical and human resources.


The collaboration established between these two institutions aims to promote the Blue Bioeconomy through a better understanding of the biology and sustainable management of living marine resources, the search for innovative solutions for their valorization, the development of intelligent and sustainable aquaculture that is resilient to climate change, with a low environmental impact, and that can respond to society's needs for safe and high-quality seafood, as well as the creation of new products of commercial interest.