11 Sep 2023


This year’s CIIMAR annual meeting, which took place on September 11, at CIIMAR, brought together around 230 researchers from various teams for a collective knowledge exchange.


The event featured flash presentations showcasing the diverse working groups and their respective research endeavors, emphasizing the organizational framework of CIIMAR's research lines: Global Changes and Ecosystems Services, Marine Biotechnology and Biology, Aquaculture and Seafood Quality.


In his closing remarks, the President of the Board of Directors Professor Vítor Vasconcelos once again reinforced the importance of interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity in CIIMAR's research, always bearing in mind the increasing internationalization of CIIMAR's research and the continued commitment to the quality of the research carried out. 


The event will conclude with a moment of sharing among members of the CIIMAR community, aiming to fortify the cohesion among research teams and foster a collaborative culture.