Access to ecosystems

Coastal ecosystems nearby CIIMAR includes a large diversity of habitats, both marine and estuarine. The Atlantic platform of our coasts provides a large variety of seabeds, from soft sediment bottoms to reefs.

Extensive sandy beaches dominate seashores in many areas, but rocky shores are also abundant in North Portugal. Estuarine zones include large river mouths like in the case of river Minho, Douro or Cavado, but also extensive coastal lagoons like Ria de Aveiro. CIIMAR Access to Ecosystem platform aims to facilitate research activities on those habitats.

CIIMAR diving facility is fully equipped to support research requiring SCUBA and snorkelling. Equipment includes air compressor and tanks, snorkel and diving gear like wet and dry suits, masks, jackets, wings, fins etc. We can provide also underwater scientific gear such as sampling quadrats, underwater cameras,underwater driller etc CIIMAR ocean research facilities include multi-parametric CTD, underwater deployable light and temperature sensors (Odyssey and Hobo sensors), water and plankton sampling devices, underwater hydrophone, Van Veen sediment grabs, etc.