Principal Investigator
Philippe Gaubert

Leader Institution

Research Teams


BUSHRISK: BUSHRISK -Tracking the bushmeat: a molecular framework for tracing the African bushmeat trade and risks of emerging diseases

BUSHRISK explores the link between wildlife depletion and emerging diseases
as part of the molecular tracing of the African bushmeat trade. We will assess the
resolution of high-throughput sequencing to provide a fine-scale assessment of the
diversity of host (mammals) and pathogens (virus and bacteria) along the local-to-global
bushmeat network. The project is structured into three intricate questions: (i) how can
bushmeat items and their cohort of pathogens be traced? (ii) how can phylogenetic
diversity indices help survey the bushmeat trade at the continental scale? and (iii) are
pathobiomes dependent on the phylogenetic and ecological diversity of the bushmeat?
The expected deliverables of BUSHRISK include a new comparative approach of the
bushmeat diversity and its pathobiomes, the delivery of an online identification tool of
African bushmeat and associated pathogens, and the assessment of risks of zoonotic
diseases linked to the bushmeat trade between Africa and Europe.