Principal Investigator
Susana Moreira

Leader Institution
Universidad de Vigo, Spain

Research Teams

Supporting Offices



Interreg VA Espanha-Portugal (POCTEP), FEDER

SHERPA DO MAR: Euroregional platform to promote competitiveness in the maritime and maritime field through the promotion of technology-based companies

Sherpa do Mar intends to boost the creation and consolidation of new knowledge-intensive business activities in the marine-maritime environment, favoring job creation and increasing business competitiveness through:

  • Creation of a transboundary ecosystem of innovative entrepreneurship in the marine-maritime context.
  • Creation of companies in the marine-maritime sector with high added value through the enhancement of technological-scientific synergies.
  • Improving the competitiveness of pre-existing companies through the drive for innovation.
  • Sherpa do Mar will implement the following activities:
  • Sectoral diagnosis and identification of the actors that will form the Euro-regional Sherpa do Mar platform.
  • Design of a new methodology for monitoring and boosting innovative technology-based companies: Sherpa Journeys.
  • Scientific-technical monitoring and knowledge transfer promotion program.
  • Implementation of the Sherpa Journeys methodology for valuing innovative technology-based business projects.
  • Selection and enhancement of 12 innovative technology-based business projects in the marine-maritime sector.
  • Itinerary for the improvement of the capacities of 20 companies in the sector, stimulating the link with transfer entities, boosting R+D+i and sustainable growth.