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Luísa Valente

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PROTALGAE: Method for obtaining proteins or a rich-protein extract from algae extracts and uses therefore

This project aims at the protection of the invention PROTALGAE through national and international patent. PROTALGAE relates to disrupting algae cell walls based on milling disruption, which may be optionally associated to enzymatic lysis, in order to obtain protoplast with high nutrient digestibility for use as a food ingredient and/or as feed for farmed fish and shellfish species with the development of functional diets.
Furthermore, the disrupted algal suspension with a high level of “free” protein, peptides and aminoacids and other valuable soluble nutrients and bioactives compounds entrapped in cell membranes (minerals, vitamins, lipids, antioxidants, etc), comparing with the same no disrupted alga, able to be dried and be more efficiently used as feed/food ingredient for animals or humans.
PROTALGAE is an innovative technological solution for the micro- and macroalgal biomass as feed ingredients, allowing a) the cultivation of marine algae under optimized technological processes to produce high value products for aquafeeds; b) improve fish digestive capacity and nutrient metabolism upon using the selected algae; and c) improve fish growth and end product quality, reducing time to slaughter and providing a safe and healthy food item with wide consumer acceptance.
The international patent application will represent a competitive advantage in the search for new economic partners to support the developments needed to take PROTALGAE to market and to ensure an effective commercialization. The internationalization of the patent will support the dissemination of technology, increasing the possibilities to transfer the technology, ideally to a national company, stimulating national competitiveness.