Principal Investigator
Cláudia Reis Serra

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PROZYME: Novos probióticos isolados do microbiota do intestino de peixes para melhorar a utilização de matérias-primas vegetais, saúde intestinal e resistência a doenças em peixes carnívoros

Aquaculture sustainability requires replacement of fish meal (FM) by plant feedstuffs (PF) in aquafeeds to reduce diet costs and environmental impacts associated with FM use. PF nutritive value is limited by the presence of non-starch polysaccharides (NSP), which cannot be hydrolysed by fish digestive enzymes, becoming a source of organic pollutants and negatively impacting fish performance and gut health.
ProZyme refers to an innovative solution using Probiotic bacteria (PRO) capable of producing NSP hydrolysing enzymes allowing the host to obtain energy from indigestible nutrients, reduce fecal matter production and NSP harmful effects in fish gut. By acting as prophylactic agents, decreasing disease incidence, PRoZyme will also reduce antibiotic use in aquaculture and associated environmental impacts and risks to human health, contributing to the improvement of fish health and the sustainability of aquaculture.
This project aims at the protection of the invention ProZyme through national and international patent. The international patent application will represent a competitive advantage in the search for new economic partners to support the developments needed to take ProZyme to market and to ensure an effective commercialization. The internationalization of the patent will support the dissemination of technology, increasing the possibilities to transfer the technology, ideally to a national company, stimulating national competitiveness.