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Pedro Leão

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UVNatP: Novel UV protective compounds from natural sources as active ingredients for sun care products

Solar radiation, in particular from the UV region of the spectrum, is essential for many life processes, but is also detrimental for human health. Despite being the main cause of premature skin aging, eye damage and some forms of skin cancer, UV-A radiation is highly neglected in the UV sun care products, mostly by the lack of UV-A protective compounds that are amenable to be used in sunscreen formulations. The present invention refers to a group of molecules that are natural sunscreens, produced by bacteria living in environments with extreme exposure to solar radiation to protect their DNA from UV damage. These molecules can filter up to 90% of the UV-A radiation and because they are produced as a cocktail, they cover a wide range of the UV spectrum. Thus, this invention will support the development of these natural UV-protectants into highly efficient sunscreen ingredients.
This project aims at the protection through national and international patent of the invention UVNatP that, by focusing on natural products, potentially biodegradable and of low toxicity, that are stable, colorless or have only a very faint color, constitute compatible ingredients for sunscreen formulations. Furthermore, these compounds also have antibacterial activity, bringing added value for their topical application.
The international patent application will represent a competitive advantage in the search for new economic partners to support the developments needed to take UVNatP to market and to ensure an effective commercialization, stimulating the national competitiveness.


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