Principal Investigator
Sergio Fernández Boo

Leader Institution
Oceano Fresco

Research Teams


Fundo Azul

Tools4Breed: Challenge tests and genetic markers for Perkinsus as a tool for Ruditapes decussatus

As a first approach, Oceano Fresco will develop a breeding program for Palourde clam Ruditapes decussatus to improve the performance of this species. Being the infection by Perkinsus olseni, one of the most important causes for high mortalities in R. decussatus, resistance to P. olseni will be a priority trait to improve. Therefore, it is crucial to increase the knowledge related to: i) the study of the effect of certain procedures (i.e. experimental infection) during the implementation of challenge tests on the broodstock performance, namely its ability to mature and spawn; ii) the development of robust phenotyping tools and improvement of efficient challenge tests, to evaluate the performance of the individuals; and iii) the discovery and validation of Perkinsus resistance genetic markers, which can support the selection process of the best individuals to use during the breeding program.
Given this context, in this project, Oceano Fresco is engaged to increase the basic and necessary knowledge, which is still very scarce, for the implementation and development of robust breeding program of R. decussatus, essential to enhance overall clam production. To tackle the objectives proposed in ‘Tools4Breed’ Oceano Fresco will collaborate with other important stakeholders, as the Portuguese Institute for the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) and Interdisciplinary Center of Marine and Environmental Research (CIIMAR), that are reference entities in the area of the blue research and development, particularly in aquaculture.


Project sheet here