Principal Investigator
José Teixeira

Leader Institution

Supporting Offices


Ponds with Life: Charcos com Vida

“Ponds with Life” (“Charcos com Vida”) is a science communication and pond conservation campaign that aims to contribute to raise public awareness about these important and threatened freshwater habitats, and to promote the observation and contact with its unknown biodiversity.

Different entities are able to join the campaign, such as schools (from primary to high schools), NGO’s, environmental education centres, municipalities, scouts organizations and other public and private institutions. The campaign encourages the inventory, adoption, construction, conservation and pedagogical exploration of ponds and its biodiversity. Our team develop numerous activities in school upon requesting, such as pond construction and exploration or talks, but entities are also inspired to perform autonomous activities using the available resources at our website. The website contains relevant information regarding the project functioning, proposed pedagogical activities, species information and identification (aquatic plants, macro invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals species most probable to find near ponds). There is also valuable information for pond creation, designing, planning, construction and management.