Principal Investigator
Rui Faria

Leader Institution

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ADAPTCHANGE: Technical Cooperation for Studying Adaptation to Environmental Change

Understanding the mechanisms of adaptation can provide precious information to improve predictions of species’ response to abrupt environmental change. In particular, the study of the adaptive potential and eco-evolutionary dynamics of intertidal species at two latitudinal extremes of their European range is expected to result in more accurate forecasts on how climate change affects biodiversity. In this project, we established a collaborative network between institutions involved in research and outreach from Portugal, Iceland and Norway to develop a strategic cooperation program built upon three complementary pillars: i) technical cooperation – implementation of a research project aiming to assess the mechanisms of adaptation of intertidal species to rapid environmental change; ii) capacity building - organization of technical workshops; and iii) science dissemination – sharing good practices on effective science dissemination initiatives in schools and joint organization of a showcase for kids particularly focused on protecting the biodiversity living in our oceans.


Project Summary and Goals