Principal Investigator
Jorge Magalhães

Leader Institution

Research Teams


MIWAVES: Modelling Internal solitary WAVES off the Portuguese coast

The ocean is too big to monitor on a continuous basis. It was, is and will likely remain largely undersampled. Ocean numerical models can deliver endless cost-effective amounts of data. However, they are only as good as their validated configurations, but if reliable can increase our ability to comprehend ocean processes, monitor them, and (to a limited extent) predict their future state. In summary, project MiWaves relies on international team largely experienced in ocean numerical models to use the Massachusetts Institute of Technology global circulation model (MITgcm) in a nonhydrostatic and fully nonlinear configuration to model ISW generation and propagation off the Portuguese coast where these waves are frequently observed. After successfully performing this initial task, a series of applications will follow. Namely, model results will be used in close collaboration with Oceanalysis Ltd (a metocean consultancy company) to assess locations over the Portuguese shelf (and other regions of interest) where industrial infrastructures are currently being explored for offshore wind energy and Aquaculture. Model results will also be used in ongoing collaborations looking to investigate ISW implications in biogeochemical coastal processes off Cabo Mondego (Portugal).