Principal Investigator
Benjamin Costas Refojos

Leader Institution

Research Teams


MICROBOOST: Microalgae as fish health boosters via aquafeeds

MICROBOOST project aims to develop innovative research on microalgae functionality and understand their bioactivity on fish immune performance. At least four products will be developed: a new microalgae biomass (Euglena gracilis), a new blend (E. gracilis and Nannochloropsis sp.) and two bioactive aquafeed supplements for aquaculture applications derived from these microalgae.

MICROBOOST is led by Allmicroalgae Natural Products SA, a large industry located in Portugal. Allmicroalgae provides excellence in microalgae cultivation and is considered an European reference for microalgae industrial production. Allmicroalgae’s mission is rooted in the desire to cultivate sustainable, global, green solutions, and to develop commodities by boosting microalgae’s natural intrinsic features and capabilities.

MICROBOOST will develop tight cooperation between the following partners: Allmicroalgae: one of the largest European producers of microalgae, NIVA: Norway’s leading institute for fundamental and applied research on marine and fresh waters, SPAROS: a science and technology company specialized in nutritional solutions for aquaculture, GreenCoLab: a collaborative platform which bridges algae research and industry to drive algal biotechnology solutions, CIIMAR: a leading research and advanced training institution focused on ocean knowledge and innovation, and UiBergen: a Marine research reference with solid aquaculture knowledge.

The new products proposed in MICROBOOST will compete in the aquaculture market, backed with a solid scientific and technical immunomodulating activity.