Principal Investigator
Isabel Sousa Pinto

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Biodiversidade do nosso Mar

Biodiversidade do nosso Mar: conhecer e preservar ‘ worked with elementary and secondary schools from northern Portugal so as to increase the awareness about marine biodiversity. The activities involved an active participation of school students supervised by the CBL team and included: monitoring the intertidal biodiversity of a rocky shore; laboratory classes assessing the invertebrates biodiversity associated with macroalgae; and seminars presented by the BioCost team concerning marine biodiversity. On the project website were developed digital challenges (quizzes) related to the presented concepts in ‘Literacia do Oceano 2013-2016 Ciência Viva’ website. All the developed activities were advertised in the Facebook page of the project.
For each rocky shore, monitoring of the intertidal was performed in spring and autumn following the MOBIDIC ( protocol and all the collected data were added to the MOBIDIC website. Additionally, samples of macroalgae from the low-shore were collected during one of those fieldwork events and taken to the school for the laboratory activity. The presented seminars included subjects such as: Marine Forests (Kelps); Whales and Dolphins of Macaronesia; Invasive Macroalgae Species; Monitoring the Intertidal; and Biodiversity, Ecology and Applications of Macroalgae.