Principal Investigator
Isabel Sousa Pinto

Leader Institution
IPMA - Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera

Research Teams



BioMar PT: Aprender a conhecer o ambiente marinho de Portugal

BioMar PT – Aprender a conhecer o ambiente marinho de Portugal’ project intended to contribute to the increase of technical competencies in order to ensure the full implementation of the ‘Diretiva-Quadro “Estratégia Marinha”‘ in Portugal. Therefore it provided training and qualification involving multidisciplinary marine monitoring; technical skills acquisition for sampling collecting as well as data analysis and dissemination. Several indoor and outdoor courses were lectured at CIIMAR, IPMA and EMEPC in theme areas such as: sampling and identification of biological communities; data sorting and analysis; molecular techniques; instrumental methods of analysis; and marine monitoring by satellites, which resulted in 26 technical manuals made available online. Other online resources were also made available such as an online course on molecular data analysis and 8 practical videos encompassing: sampling methodologies in the rocky shores and soft bottom intertidal; elaboration of an invertebrate collection; trophic webs: from theory to practice; macroalgae identification and preservation; sampling and identification of marine parasites; sampling and molecular analysis techniques; and cetacean monitoring.