Principal Investigator
Vitor Vasconcelos

Leader Institution

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CVMAR+i: Industrial innovation under the context of biotechnological valorization of marine resources and by-products

Industrial innovation through specific collaborations between enterprises and research centers in the context of marine biotechnological valorization - CVMar+i aims to promote industrial innovation around marine biotechnology by the proposal of new products based in marine compounds. This will be done by a synergic effort of enterprises and research enters in the transboundary area, benefiting from the complementarity of the partners.

The project will benefit from former POCTEP projects implemented by partners of this Consortium that can now be potentiated and without who’s the innovation proposed would not be possible. We will develop tools that allow the enterprises of the region to increase their investment in innovation, reinforcing the role of the  region in the Blue Economy. This is in alignment with RIS3T Galicia-North Portugal, developing products based on marine resources and sub-products in the areas of health (tissue regeneration and pharmacology), food and industrial applications.