SpilLess: First line response to oil spills based on native microorganisms cooperation

SpilLess aims to implement an innovative ‘laboratory’ (Blue Lab) to pilot new and viable solutions to tackle with one of the most damaging sources of maritime pollution: oil spills. These solutions will be based on the production of native microbial consortia with bioremediation capacity, and the adaptation of unmanned and autonomous vehicles for in-situ release of autochthonous microorganisms (bioaugmentation) and nutrients (biostimulation).

This Blue Lab will have a multidisciplinary profile. It will be established by a team of young scientists, and supported by senior researchers from three institutions (CIIMAR, INESC TEC and the University of Vigo) and experienced business tutors from three private companies (ACSM, Biotrend and MARLO). Besides, the R&D team will be advised and mentored by a stakeholder’s platform that includes several public and private entities. SpilLess will be implemented in the region of the Atlantic Ocean, with potential for transferability to other regions facing similar challenges.

This solution will be environmental-friendly, will be able to act as fast first line response with low time to reaction and mission costs, will set-up holistic pollution combat and will provide environmental monitoring.