Principal Investigator
Vitor Vasconcelos

Leader Institution

Research Teams



EMERTOX: Emergent Marine Toxins in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean: New Approaches to Assess their Occurrence and Future Scenarios in the Framework of Global Environmental Changes

EMERTOX aims at mapping the actual situation in emergent marine toxins and the producing organisms, developing new approaches to assess their occurrence and predicting the possible future scenarios in the framework of global warming.

The partnership, formed by a multidisciplinary team, will produce a joint research and innovation project that will exploit the complementary expertise of the participants and will create synergies among them. The main objectives are:

  • to assess the current situation on potentially harmful algae and bacteria and the relevant emerging toxins in 8 countries belonging to different but geographically connected areas (Mediterranean Sea and North Atlantic);
  • to develop innovative approaches to sample, and analyze the producing organisms and their toxins by chemical and biological methods including immunoassays and sensors;
  • to estimate different future scenarios based on molecular data (routes of dispersion) and modelling.