Principal Investigator
Isabel Sousa Pinto

Leader Institution

Research Teams


CETUS: Cetacean Monitoring Project in Macaronesia

CETUS Project is a cetacean monitoring program in the Macaronesian region that aims at collecting whale and dolphin's occurrences to determine their distribution and abundance in this vast region of the Atlantic. This is possible thanks to a partnership between different research institutions, led by CIIMAR | University of Porto and the company TRANSINSULAR | Grupo ETE. Since 2012, TRANSINSULAR offers its cargo ships to be used as a platforms of opportunity to monitor along routes between Continental Portugal and Madeira, Azores, Canary and Cape Verde islands. The final research goal is to provide new insights into distribution and abundance of cetaceans, delivering habitat models to map, explore and predict cetacean hotspots in the area, addressing international and European conservation priorities and supporting management decisions.