ValorMar: Integral valuation of marine resources: potential, technological innovation and new applications

The project ValorMar is led by a reference institution – SONAE - and integrates 20 enterprises and 16 Research and Development institutions, being CIIMAR the R&D leader of the project, with a wide national geographical distribution. ValorMar will develop innovative technological solutions that potentiate the valorization and efficient use of marine resources by the integration of the value chains using the circular economy concept and integrating: food industry, biomedical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and aquaculture.

ValorMar main objective is the valorization of marine resources through research, development and demonstration of new products and the improvement of the productive processes, proposing innovative solutions that lead to the creation of new healthy food products using innovative, efficient and sustainable technologies. The products, processes and services will be produced in the framework of a transversal mobilization of human resources with extensive curricula and experience in the development and implementation of R&D projects in the thematic areas of ValorMar.


Project Sheet