Principal Investigator
Vitor Vasconcelos

Leader Institution

Research Teams



EMBRC-PT: European Marine Biological Resource Centre - Portugal

EMBRC.PT is a distributed research infrastructure with nodes in Faro, Horta, Coimbra and Porto/Matosinhos where CIIMAR headquarters are located. It will allow researchers to study marine biodiversity in its habitat, in tanks and in the laboratory with the latest technologies. It is the national node of the European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC) and it is expected that the foreseen increased scientific activity will potentiate development of technologies and products with a positive impact in the regional and national economies. 
CIIMAR via EMBRC.PT provides services in marine sciences: access to marine ecosystems and biodiversity, microorganism collections and model organisms, scientific diving, “omics”, bioinformatics and chemistry platforms. It will also offer access to a variety of aquaria facilities, general laboratories, and marine observatories for long term observations. The present project was designed to significantly improve the EMBRC.PT infrastructure and human resources so as to meet the excellence requirements of the European infrastructure and to remote research, training and knowledge transfer, so as to impact positively in the regional and national economy.