Principal Investigator:
Natividade Vieira

The research team includes 4 PhDs, 5 PhD students and Master students, with complementary expertise in Ecology, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Chemistry. The group focus its research activity on water quality (mainly inland waters), soil quality, risk assessment of contaminated soils and risk assessment of new chemical substances. The team coordinates and collaborates in several national and international research projects and in the last five years has published about 71 articles in international journals with a high impact factor. The team also coordinates a laboratory that provides services to society.

Publications Highlights

Fernandes, B., Soares, C., Braga, C., Rebotim, A., Ferreira, R., Ferreira, J., Fidalgo, F., Pereira, R., Cachada, A. (2020). Ecotoxicological Assessment of a Glyphosate-Based Herbicide in Cover Plants: Medicago sativa L. as a Model Species. Applied Sciences 10, 5098.

Nogueira, V., Sousa, C.T., Araújo, J.P., Pereira, R. (2020). Evaluation of the toxicity of nickel nanowires to freshwater organisms at concentrations and short-term exposures compatible with their application in water treatment. Aquatic Toxicology 227, 105595.

Rodríguez-Seijo, A., Pereira, R. (2020). Small Plastic Wastes in Soils: What Is Our Real Perception of the Problem?. In: Streit-Bianchi M., Cimadevila M., Trettnak W. (eds) Mare Plasticum - The Plastic Sea. Springer, Cham. pp 187-209.

Pinheiro, C.; Oliveira, U.; Rodrigues, T.; Oliva Teles, L.; Vieira, N. ( 2020) Assessing the ecological status of a mediterranean river: Benthic invertebrates and diatoms as complementary bioindicators. Limnetica, 39(1): 299-315.

Rodrigues, C.; Guimarães, L.; Vieira, N. (2019) Combining biomarker and community approaches using benthic macroinvertebrates can improve the assessment of the ecological status of rivers Hydrobiologia, volume 839,: 1–24.