Principal Investigator:
Marta Chantal Ribeiro

The Law of the Sea Research Team (LOS) has the goal to complement, strengthen and benefit from the multidisciplinary nature of CIIMAR by developing legal research and sharing knowledge in the areas of marine environmental law and sea affairs.

The LOS-RG aims to develop research, share knowledge and provide advice on the following priority areas : Marine environmental protection, protection of marine biodiversity, marine protected areas; Marine scientific research, new technologies for the knowledge, monitoring and surveillance of the ocean; Marine spatial planning, regulation of economic activities; Maritime zones, global governance; Safety and security at the sea, with emphasis on shipping; Sustainability and access to exploration and exploitation of living and non-living marine resources, including mining, fisheries and biotechnology.


In pursuing these main goals in a multidisciplinary environment, the group has the following specific objectives: Produce scientific literature in areas of the law of the sea, environmental law and maritime law, from domestic, European and international perspectives; give support and advice to policy makers; Favour synergies and give advice to public and private institutions committed with sea affairs; Participate in national and international projects, with scientific or/and cooperation purposes; Promote, namely by means of supervision, master and PhD dissertations; Organize and participate in scientific initiatives at domestic and international level; Promote or participate in short postgraduate courses and training programs;  Favour synergies with stakeholders.

Publications Highlights

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