Principal Investigator:
Clara Lázaro

The Coastal and Ocean Dynamics (COD) team main research areas are coastal and ocean physical and bio-geochemical processes, their dynamics and interaction with the coast, estuaries and the atmosphere, as well as with species and ecosystems.

Overall, the group aims to contribute to ocean science, supporting ocean resources management and decision making by taking innovative approaches, providing new data and models, as well as better and more efficient tools for data analysis and forecasting. To better assess conditions, processes, risks and impacts, research focusses on: the development and implementation of multi-sensor monitoring systems, mounted on terrestrial, aerial or marine moving platforms, including buoys; remote sensing, namely ocean SAR and altimetry, and GIS; underwater acoustics; and deep sea, coastal and estuarine numerical hydrodynamic and biogeochemical modelling, including the assessment of sediment and larvae transport and climate change impacts.

Publications Highlights

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