Principal Investigator:
Clara Lázaro

The Coastal and Ocean Dynamics (COD) team shares several strategic research activities focusing on the observation and modelling of the ocean, coastal and estuarine regions.

The objectives of the team are twofold: to use Remote Sensing, e.g. satellite altimetry and SAR imagery, to understand oceanic and coastal processes, from large-scale variability to small-scale processes, and their implications in the ocean energy budgets, and develop new methodologies for satellite altimetry improvement envisaging sea level, coastal and inland water studies; and to- develop and apply numerical hydrodynamic and biogeochemical models for characterising deep sea, open-ocean, coastal and estuarine processes and their interactions with the atmosphere, species and ecosystems, forecasting extreme events and climate change, simultaneously assessing their risks and impacts.

The group aims to provide solutions to support ocean resources management and decision making, monitoring the environmental status of the ocean, including underwater noise, and modelling and forecasting its dynamics.

Publications Highlights

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