Water Resources Systems

Principal Investigator:
Rodrigo Maia

The Water Resources Systems (WRS) team develops scientific activity in the areas of hydrology and river hydraulics, in particular in the fields of water resources management, study of hydrological and fluvial processes, and the assessment of their effects and mitigation solutions for the communities and for the environment.

In this context, the WRS team activities include: hydrological and hydraulic modelling; study of extreme events (floods, droughts and scarcity); development and application of decision support tools for water resources management in normal and extreme situations; evaluation of water policy and governance, with a special focus on transboundary river basins; sediment transport studies, employing new analytical and experimental technologies; computational modelling of rivers and aquifers behaviour, assessing quantity and quality issues; and studies and projects of river restoration and rehabilitation focused on hydraulic and environmental issues.

Publications Highlights