Sustainability and Social and Educational Innovation

Principal Investigator:
Clara Vasconcelos

The Sustainability and Social and Educational Innovation (SSEI) group aims to promote changes in Education and Science Communication, updating them to our times, and to respond to the threats that Earth is currently facing. Helping students and citizens to recognize how the processes that operate on the planet interact to provide a healthy and safe life in respect for geo-ecosystems is of capital relevance to understanding Earth sustainability and to direct our behaviors towards the sustainable development goals (SDGs). Individual geoethics behaviors are the imperative solution for us to be able to continue to interact on the planet Earth as a human community, justifying why geoethics is one of the major focus of this research group. Social innovations, another important research theme, are new solutions that meet social needs while improving capabilities, relationships, as well as the use of resources, improving and empowering society, with the ultimate goal of systemic change.

Aligned with social and educational innovation, the group comprises the development of nature-based solutions, towards sustainability of territories, ecosystem services provision and as tools for climate change adaptation and mitigation.

The SSEI group considers that the achievement of life on Earth calls for social innovation, that is, for changes in society’s attitude, behaviors and actions in order to ensure a sustainable development.

The SSEI group integrates the CIIMAR research line on Global Changes and Ecosystem Services.

Publications Highlights

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