Microbiome Ecology and Biogeochemistry

Principal Investigator:
Catarina Magalhães

The Microbiome Ecology and Biogeochemistry team aims to generate innovative knowledge on the exciting universe of the complex and interconnected microbial diversity and functions across multiple natural environments.

In our research projects, we cover the study of fundamental biogeochemical cycles (e.g Nitrogen) and microbial communities in extreme polar regions (Arctic and Antarctica), deep sea environments, temperate coastal waters, estuarine ecosystems and open ocean environments, with a broader perspective on how microbiomes respond to global changes.

Our studies are multidimensional involving oceanographic campaigns, as well as in situ experiments, microcosms and bioreactors experimentation using biogeochemical measurements, microbiome sample processing and genomics / metagenomics / metatranscriptomics work flow analysis. We participate in national, and international marine microbiome monitoring programs by generating long-term genomic data sets, with an active involvement in international microbiome consortia and metagenomics standardized initiatives (e.g. Ocean Sampling Day, EMO-BON, ATLANTIDA, Ny-Alesund pelagic monitoring).

The fundamental knowledge acquired by our research team on complex microbial functions across natural environments allow us to contribute to interdisciplinary projects related with the development and validation of novel technologies for Ocean observation and pollution mitigation, as well as in projects related to microbial applied disciplines, specifically in bioprospecting, bioremediation and aquaculture microbiomes managing.

Our team works in a strong interdisciplinarity environment (Microbial Ecology, Biogeochemistry, Genomics, Oceanography, Bioinformatics, Big Data Analysis, Modeling, Technology Development) together with national and transnational partners to explore the exciting scientific challenges on the fundamental roles of the environmental microbiome.

Publications Highlights

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