Laura Maria Simões Coutinho Guimarães

I am full-time researcher and Coordinator of METOX group at CIIMAR. I took a PhD in Biomedical Sciences, with a research period at the CNRS (France). My present research interests relate to the health of aquatic systems. They are intended to contribute with knowledge and approaches about the use of biomarkers as integrative tools for aquatic monitoring, early diagnosis of pollution, unraveling detoxification processes, identifying biomarkers of exposure/effect to priority and emerging contaminants, and their relation to higher level hazardous effects and climate change factors. I participated in 19 projects and supervised over 30 students or young researchers. My recent funding sources include WaterWorks/WaterJPI, H2020, Cost Actions, EEA-Grants, CCDRN Norte2020, Ciência Viva and FCT.