Lourenço de Oliveira Coelho e Ramos Pinto

Lourenço Ramos Pinto graduated in Biology from the University of Aveiro in 2012 and received his Master degree in Marine Sciences from the ICBAS-UP in 2015 and a PhD degree in Animal Sciences (Nutrition) granted by ICBAS-University of Porto. Lourenço did his PhD in an industrial setting collaborating with SPAROS Lda., a company devoted to innovate in the development of new products for fish feeding and nutrition. His research has been conducted at the CIIMAR as well as at the ICBAS University of Porto. His present research interests are the optimisation of a sustainable and economic efficient aquaculture through fish nutrition and the modulation of their immune system. He is currently a researcher in A2S (AQUACOMBINE project) team developing research dedicated to the development of functional feeds as strategies that could contribute to the enhancement of fish and shrimp health and welfare.