Maria Cristina Sousa Coutinho de Calheiros e Menezes de Noronha Madureira

Cristina Calheiros is an Environmental Engineer and holds a PhD in Biotechnology. She is Research Scientist at CIIMAR University of Porto. She is also Scientific Coordinator of Centre for Monitoring and Environmental Interpretation (CMIA), Adjunct Professor at University of Saint Joseph (SAR Macao, China) and Invited Professor at Faculty of Sciences of University of Porto. She is Vice-President of the Portuguese National Association of Green Roofs (ANCV) and senior member of Ordem do Engenheiros. Integrates the Editorial Board of Circular Economy and Sustainability journal (Springer) and she is guest editor in several special issues at Elsevier and MDPI journals. Responsible for providing educational resources, training (more than 1000 hours) and coordination in higher education courses, technological specialization courses, modular training and Lifelong Training. Develops an active role in the communication of Science-Technology-Society and outreach through short courses, talks, dissemination actions, training, exhibitions, technical visits and multimedia channels. She participated in several business model iteration programs for technologies developed in academia. Integrates the COST Action CA17133 - Circular City-Implementing nature-based solutions for creating a resourceful circular city and has been involved in projects collaborating with several entities, such Companies, Municipalities, Universities and Schools.

Her work focus on the development of nature-based solutions, such green roofs, vertical gardens, constructed and floating wetlands, towards sustainability of territories, ecosystems services provision, and as tools for climate change adaptation and mitigation. Also dedicates to the application of phytotechnologies (such phytoremediation, bioremediation), treatment and valorization of water, soil and solid waste, circular economy, circular cities, sustainable tourism, rural development and integrative productive practices, geoethics, education for sustainability and environmental education.