Ana Paula de Campos Mucha

Ana Paula Mucha has a research position at CIIMAR, University of Porto, Portugal, being member of the Board of Directors and the Principal Investigator of the EcoBioTec Group (Bioremediation and Ecosystems Functioning).

Also, She is an Invited Assistant Professor at the Department of Biology of Faculty of Sciences of University of Porto. She focus her research on the development of biotechnologic tools for ecosystems recover, based on the ability of autochthonous microorganisms and plants to remove contaminants, through bioremediation and phytoremediation processes. She has relevant expertise in microbiology, microbial ecology and interaction of microorganisms with contaminants. She authored ca. 65 SCI papers including high profile journals such as Bioresource Technology or Environmental Science and Technology. She was the Scientific Coordinator of the CMIA (Environmental Monitoring and Interpretation Centre) of Vila do Conde (2012-2018) and regularly gives talks to the general public and school students in the frame of outreach programs and projects. Moreover, she has been involved ca. 20 national and international projects, being the coordinator of the ongoing project “BIOREM - Bioremediation of hydrocarbon pollutants by autochthonous microorganisms in aquatic environment” funded by FCT.