Teresa Paula Fernandes Amaro

I am a deep-sea ecologist with a wide interest to understand trophic ecology in different deep-sea ecosystems, including submarine canyons, abyssal plains and seamounts in contrasting ocean basins (Atlantic, Pacific, Mediterranean). I would also like to deepen my understanding of how biological processes of the oceans contribute to global climate change. Specifically, I would like to conduct studies in global biochemical cycles, to be able to conduct future research on the consequences of deep-sea biota, if projected shifts in primary producers happen in the future, due to global climate change. Currently, I am involved in collaborative projects where I specifically aim to understand:

a) effects of suspended and resettled sediment plumes and differences in nodule coverage on organic matter remineralization by benthic communities, including microorganisms, meio-, macro- and megafauna (in situ experiments, moored instrumentation, sediment cores, and seafloor imagery), and

b) the toxicity effects of sediment plumes on pelagic and infaunal organisms.