Gonçalo Espregueira Cruz Themudo

I am a biologist, specialized on data analysis of genetic and epidemiological data. I completed my MSc at the University of Porto (2005), and my PhD at the University of Leiden (2010) studying spatial and temporal patterns of genetic diversity of marbled and crested newts. My first post-doc at the University of Copenhagen and University of Southern Denmark (2009-2012) focused on the spatial spread of infectious diseases in Denmark. From 2012, I have also studied genetic variability of honeybees in Europe and genomics of non-model organisms using ancient DNA at CIIMAR - University of Porto, in collaboration with the Center for GeoGenetics. From 2014 to 2017, I worked on uses of second generation DNA sequencing in forensic contexts and on the genetics of mental diseases, at the University of Copenhagen. From 2017 to 2019, I focused on epigenomics and metabolomics of mental disorders at the Mental Health Center Sankt Hans, Capital Region of Denmark. From 2019, I returned to CIIMAR and my home town to work on evolutionary biology of vertebrates, in particular aquatic animals.