António Pedro Lima de Oliveira Freitas da Fonseca

Bachelor Degree in Biology (educational and scientific-technological branch) from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto -U.P., Master in Biomedical Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of the U.P and INEB-U.P. (1997-99), PhD in Human Biology from the Faculty of Medicine of U.P and IPATIMUP (2002-2008), Doctoral Course in Educational Sciences of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of U.P an CIIE/UP (until 2019). He is a specialist in Biotechnology - Order of Biologists (after curriculum evaluation since 2008). He has been teaching for 31 years, having initially been a secondary school teacher (11 years) then professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the U.P. (14 years). Currently he is simultaneously a secondary school teacher, professor and supervisor in higher education (as guest), researcher and trainer (IEFP and CCPFC). He is the author of several publications and has supervised postgraduate work (Master and PhD) in the area of Microbial Biofilms and knowledge Cartography.