Fernando José Tuya Cortés

Fernando Tuya is Associate Professor (“Profesor Titular”) at the Universidad de Las Palmas de G.C., since February 2018, after a “Ramón y Cajal” (2010-2015) tenure-track position and two postdoctoral positions at the Centre for Marine Ecosystems Research, Edith Cowan University (Australia, 2006-2008) and CIIMAR, Universidade do Porto (Portugal, 2009-2010). In 2015, I was awarded the I3 certification by the MINECO, according to the merits obtained in the first 4 years of the “Ramón y Cajal” tenure-track position.

Motivation of research: the necessity of searching for models that aim to explain patterns in the organization of benthic marine assemblages through ecosystems across different scales of space, time and taxonomy. More specifically, my research focuses in ecological interactions in and around marine habitats to tease apart the often-complex interactions that cause patterns of species distributions in nature. This approach allows transferring basic ecological knowledge into the sustainable management of marine ecosystems.