Rita F. T. Pires

Rita F. T. Pires has a Master Degree in Marine Biology with specialization in Marine Ecology and Conservation by the University of Algarve. Since 2011, as a research scholarship holder at the Portuguese Institute for Sea and Atmosphere, she has been working on taxonomy and ecology of marine zooplankton, focusing on larvae of decapod crustaceans and jellyfish. Since 2016, she also collaborates on the Portuguese citizen science program GelAvista, for the monitoring of jellyfish. Her research interests includes biological oceanography, larval dispersal and connectivity processes, and modelling. She is developing her PhD in Marine Sciences at the University of Lisbon, financed by FCT, focusing on the physical-ecological modelling of the dispersal of decapod larvae in the southern Portuguese coast, and Mediterranean Sea through the Strait of Gibraltar. She is author of 5 scientific publications in international journals.