Ana Margarida Freire Aleixo

Ana has an MSc degree in Biology concluded at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto (FCUP) and a first degree in Biology concluded at the University of Aveiro (UA). She also has a Specialized Training in Teaching Geology and Biology (University of Aveiro) and an in-service training in Teaching Geology and Biology (Santarém Higher School of Education). She is a teacher at Centro de Estudos de Fátima (CEF), an elementary and secondary school in Fátima. Currently, she is attending a PhD Program in Science Teaching and Dissemination (expertise in Science Teaching) of FCUP, whose thesis topic is on "Assisted human reproduction and bioethical dilemmas: Educational intervention in secondary education". Thus, her present research focuses on contributing to the application of active teaching methodologies in Science teaching and enhancing the operationalization of the Bioethics approach in the 12th grade Biology school curriculum.