Francisco Vilela de Carvalho Taveira Pinto

Francisco V. C. Taveira Pinto is a PhD researcher at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (Portugal), graduated from the same institution. After finishing his Integrated Master's Degree, Francisco has integrated the Engineering and Research Area at the Hydraulics and Water Resources Institute (IHRH), developing his engineering, physical and numerical modelling skills. His scientific research focuses on coastal protection structures, coastal erosion, scour phenomena near segmented detached structures, climate change and composite modelling. With respect to his professional activities, Francisco has been working under several projects namely: "Risk Characterization Study and Intervention Programme for the Protection of the Ofir's Sandspit and Cávado's river mouth", “ATLANTIDA - Platform for the monitoring of the North Atlantic Ocean and tools for the sustainable exploitation of the marine resources" and more recently "Port Loyola Cruise Terminal, Model-based research".